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Mr Tony Mitchell;

Geography Teacher, played

by Michael Percival.

23 episodes, 1978-79


Mr Stuart "Hoppy" Hopwood;

Woodwork Teacher played

by Brian Capron.

40 episodes, 1980-83

Mr Richard Keating;

Deputy Head & Maths

Teacher played

by Robert Hartley.

36 episodes, 1979-84

Mr Graham "Sooty" Sutcliffe;

English & Drama

Teacher played

by James Wynn.

44 episodes, 1979-82

Ms Terri Mooney; Science Teacher played

by Lucinda Gane.

40 episodes, 1980-83

Mr Llewellyn; Headteacher played by Sean Arnold.

13 episodes, 1979-80

Mr Garfield; Caretaker

played by Graham Ashley.

18 episodes, 1978-80

Mr Bill "Scruffy" McGuffy;

English Teacher played

by Fraser Cains.

30 episodes, 1982-84

Mr Geoff "Bullet" Baxter;

Deputy Head & P.E

Teacher played by

Michael Cronin.

71 episodes, 1979-86

Mr Thompson;

Caretaker played

by Timothy Bateson.

15 episodes, 1980-82

Mr Lawrence Knowles;

History Teacher played

by Chris Jury.

7 episodes, 1983-84

Mrs Bridget McClusky;

Headteacher played

by Gwyneth Powell

169 episodes, 1980-1991

Mr Eric Griffiths;

Caretaker played

by George A Cooper.

103 episodes, 1985-92

Ms Washington;

Form Teacher played

by Caroline Gruber.

16 episodes, 1985

Mr Peter King;

Maths Teacher played

by David Straun.

18 episodes, 1986-87

Mr Peter McCartney;

Form Teacher played

by Tony Armatrading.

14 episodes, 1985

Mr Maurice Bronson;

French Teacher and

Deputy Headteacher

played by Michael Sheard.

92 episodes, 1985-89

Mr Phil Scott;

Form Teacher played

by Aran Bell.

21 episodes, 1987

Ms Virginia "Ginny" Booth;

Art Teacher played

by Karen Ford.

119 episodes, 1985-91

Mr Nick Smart;

English Teacher played

by Simon Heywood.

35 episodes, 1983-85

Mr Craig McKenzie;

Woodwork Teacher

played by Nicholas Donnelly.

97 episodes, 1985-93

Mr Chris Kennedy;

Drama Teacher

played by Jeffrey Kissoon.

33 episodes, 1986-87

Ms Roz Partridge;

Form Teacher played

by Karen Lewis.

34 episodes, 1986-87

Ms Liz Reagan;

P.E Teacher played by Lucinda Curtis.

56 episodes, 1986-88

Mr Peter Robson;

P.E Teacher & Headmaster

played by Stuart Organ.

264 episodes, 1988-2003

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Rod; Assistant Caretaker

played by Wayne Norman.

15 episodes, 1990