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Grange Hill Events

For 30 years, Grange Hill was on our screens and no one of a certain age can forget the impact it had on their childhood - everyone could relate to the stories and characters that the show brought to life.


From 1978, the show was constantly breaking new ground, not afraid to bring to the fore real issues that affected the viewers watching. From bullying, gambling, heroin addiction and death - it covered it all.


The exemplary cast of characters (and the actors that portrayed them) - bully Gripper, northern scally Ziggy, school yard entrepreneurs Gonch & Hollo, strict but fair Mrs McClusky - to name a few, immortalised themselves with a generation.


Everyone can remember their favourite story lines - Zammo's drug addiction, Mr Bronson vs Danny Kendall, Harriet the Donkey, Gripper's terrorisation of the school, the trip to the Isle of Wight, the protest to ban school uniform.


It is these stories, the cast and crew that Grange Hill Events will be celebrating. Over the next year we will be hosting a series of events with some of Grange Hill's most beloved alumni!

Our first event 'Grange Hill Memories' was held on the 25th May 2014 - thank you to everyone who supported the event by buying tickets, the crew for helping manage the event and all the stars of Grange Hill for attending!


Videos of the interviews with the cast of the show are now available to watch - check out the Event Videos tab!


During the process of tracking down guests for our first event, we discovered that Joann Kenny, the actress who played Jane Bishop in 38 episodes from 1985-88 had sadly passed away three years ago.


With her families blessing, the "Grange Hill Memories" event will be raising money in her memory for a children's charity in Kent, Dandelion Time.

Organising Grange Hill Cast Reunions

Thanks to everyone for supporting the 2016 event - it was a fantastic, nostaligic day for everyone!