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Our first ever event, in fact the world's first ever Grange Hill Convention was held on the 25th May 2014 at the George IV Public House & Comedy Club in Chiswick, London. The event reunited fourteen of the most iconic members of the cast of Grange Hill who worked on the show from the very first episode in 1978 through to 1988. This page will showcase pictures from the day.


Thank you to everybody who supported the event from purchasing tickets, to the crew who flawlessly managed the event and of course the star guests.


Grange Hill Memories

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Event Reviews



Golden Green, RedCarpetForum:


This was a very enjoyable event and great atmosphere. I'd not been to the George IV pub in Chiswick before (although will be going again for the first time to a Fantom Event in June which is held there).


There were a number of themed Q&A panels during the day (four in total), well produced clips of best bits of the characters and then after each there was an autograph session where the guests were very happy to sign and pose for pictures at their tables. Donald Waugh was some what of a character and insisted on producing different poses with each person who asked for a picture which produced some interesting and sometimes a little scary photos ! He was a very open guy and shared his battle with alcohol with everyone and how he had pulled his life around. Chris Jury was a great guest, didn't hold back, told it how it was, and said he only wished he'd got to direct some of Grange Hill as well although thought he thought his some what colourful language may have held him back. There were great stories though about how the kids used to sneak off from their chaperones, what went on during the coach rides and how the bottom of television centre was used for electric wheelchair races !


There was a good selection of 10x8s as well if you hadn't brought anything else to sign, either £5 each or 5 for 20 plus Bob Cosford's illustrated prints of the Grange Hill Opening Titles, including the sausage panel for purchase. You got 2 autos included in your ticket from each guest, which was 14 guests was excellent value and additional autos could be purchased for £5.


During the day you never felt rushed and there was a great atmosphere, probably almost the complete opposite of the MCM Expo that I had been to the previous day. It was easy to pop out into the pub to get drinks or food as and when needed.


Met some other Grange Hill fans and faces from the Grange Hill Facebook Group and all the guests were very friendly and approachable.


This was a real revisit of some great childhood memories watching Grange Hill and each time I look at my pictures with Lee (Zammo) or Erkan (Roland) it can't help bring a smile to my face.




BigManRestless, Roobarbs DVD Forum:


Thanks to everyone involved it was a fantastic day. All the guests seemed really touched by the interest and were all utterly charming, especially Erkan Mustafa who was asking everyone if they were enjoying the day. Highlights for me were Chris Jury and Brian Capron both superb raconteurs. I hope there's another one.




Simon Streek, Facebook:


Awesome event, extremely interesting guests and some wonderful insights into Grange Hill which we the average punters would never have learnt otherwise. Huge thanks to Scott and his team for making this possible.




Erkan Mustafa (Roland Browning), Facebook:


If you were at the Grange Hill Event today how good was that, I loved every minute of it all.




Jon Carpenter, Facebook:


It was excellent! A great day. Thanks to one-and-all!



Jonny Bance, Facebook:


Brilliant, great venue, friendly vibe and the video editing with the 80s song was an absolute joy!




Michael Silvester, Facebook:


Fantastic day; thanks to cast who attended for being so lovely to us all, and to the organisers for putting together a great day.




Steve Herbert, Facebook:


A brilliant day despite arriving late and missing most of the first talk. Wonderful to meet you all!




Robert Dick, Facebook:


Brilliant day from Scott Frankton and his team at their Grange Hill reunion. Well done all - and do it again!


Lovely to see how much it meant to them all, Melissa Wilks was welling up at the clips (and looks *exactly* the same as she did then). Mark Baxter could have kept the whole day going on his own. Brian Capron spoke of how much he learnt from acting with the kids. Lee MacDonald made it clear how much he'd missed Lee Sparke after he left (and Erkan Mustafa had been out with him that week before Lee had to fly back to Australia). Chris Jury said how much he wished he'd got to direct GH before it ended. Vinny Mann, Donald Waugh and Terry Sue Patt did a panel more camp than the campest three Who girls would be. And much was said about "my dear chum" Michael Sheard - who would have been there like a shot if he were still around.




Matt Braithwaite, Facebook:


A brilliant day mate. A big thanks to everyone who made it possible




Lee MacDonald (Zammo), Facebook:


Great day!